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About Easy Link Sharing

Easy Link Sharing enables you to share links with other website owners easily and quickly. Simply submit your URL and we will fetch your website details automatically, then simply select the category that best suits your site and enter your email and enter a password.
Then you simply need to copy and paste the supplied PHP or ASP script that will display all links related to your selected category, in return your link will be displayed on all the sites under this category.
That's it! There is nothing more todo as when new members who add their URL under your category their link will be displayed onto your site and a return link sent bank to yours, automatically exchanging links with each other. This is as simple as we can possibly make it, while making sure links are related to your own.
Of course there maybe sites you do not wish to share links with and by simply clicking a link on your link page asking for it to be removed will do so by you simply entering your email and password, and the system will automatically remove your link from the site you so not wish to exchange links with.
We hope you find Easy Link Sharing easy to use as the name suggests, If you have any problems please use the contact us form. We wish you all the best in increasing traffic to your website and increasing your sites page rank using Easy Link Sharing, we are sure you will find it a valuable resource for your SEO needs.
We spent alot of time with our system in checking for spammers and making sure people have the script installed properly on their site making sure your site get the returned link (and we check this daily to make sure its not removed).
Easy Link Sharing is totally FREE of any charges.

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